ES : revista de filología inglesa
34 (2013) (Anual)

- A comparative analysis between English and Spanish native speakers' production and comprehension of N-N compounds / Miriam Altelarrea Llorente
- The articulation of structural and historical trauma in Jamaica Kincaid's "Lucy" : "So you are from the islands?" / Bárbara Arizti Martín
- La obra de Henry Mackenzie y las secuencias típicas de la narrativa sentimental / Fernando Barreiro García
- Gender, sexuality and the ideology of the family in Ireland / José Carregal Romero
- Southern identity in Ellen Glasgow's "Barren Ground" : a "conflict of types" / Inés Casas Maroto
- The shifting Scottish diaspora : images of home in Alistair MacLeod's "No Great Mischief" / Miasol Eguíbar Holgado
- Maria Edgeworth and children's literature : the translation of "The parent's assistant" (1796) into Spanish / Carmen María Fernández Rodríguez
- La globalización de los roles de género en las representaciones fílmicas de L.A. : señoras blancas, criadas latinas / Carolina Fernández Rodríguez
- Defending female authorship in Elizabeth Poole's "A Vision" (1648) : 'The cure of the Kingdome' / Carme Font Paz
- Platonic theories of the perfect state and the human soul in Gulliver's voyage to Houyhnmland / Rocío Gutiérrez Sumillera
- Non-standard negation in modern English : a corpus-based study of four salient features / Ignacio M. Palacios Martínez
- Freedom and independence in Mary Ann Shadd's writings : self-reliance is the true road to independence /María del Rosario Piqueras Fraile
- Seamus Heaney and the living past : moving backwards to reach forwards / Juan Ráez Padilla