Adónde y cuándo 2

Adónde y cuándo 2

Baxter, Sarah
Bloomfield, Paul

Lonely Planet presents a careful selection of destinations and the best time to visit them: 300 in 12 chapters -one for each month of the year-, and each of them highlights what makes that country, region, island or city special to go see it in that moment. Do you have two weeks for a relaxing break? The book advises you where to go: Bali or Belize, the Caribbean or the Cyclades. Do you dream of watching the sun rise over the ancient temples of Angkor? The book suggests when to plan the trip (in February). It's that easy... But it's not always easy. Don't let anyone assume you only have to travel when it's hot or when there are famous parties, because perhaps the best time to explore the rainforest is after it rains; prices skyrocket with the holidays and surf season is usually fine in winter. As many destinations get crowded in summer, it is convenient to think differently or, at least, not to think about traveling in high season. That is why we highlight times and alternatives to enjoy the most famous events. Why not visit Amsterdam in January, which is very quiet, warm up with a glass of jenever in some bruin cafe and admire the works of Rembrandt and Van Gogh in peace? In the middle of the year, in the Kenyan Masai Mara, myriads of wildebeest embark on the Great Migration, but in February, the spectacle has a different side south of the Serengeti, when those herds breed. Sometimes, the ideal moment does exist: we want clear skies to enjoy an idyllic beach or an alpine view, and we must not miss out on the brief window of good weather that allows us to sail to Antarctica in the southern summer; Lonely Planet has planned all the possible options so that you can get inspired and start preparing a unique trip.

Baxter, Sarah
Bloomfield, Paul
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Baxter, Sarah (aut.)

  • Baxter, Sarah
    Sarah Baxter creció en Norfolk, Inglaterra. Su pasión por el aire libre la llevó a cruzar Asia, Australia, Nueva Zelanda y Estados Unidos antes de iniciar su carrera como redactor   Read more

Bloomfield, Paul (aut.)

  • Bloomfield, Paul
    Paul Bloomfield es escritor, editor y fotógrafo. Durante más de dos décadas ha trabajado para Lonely Planet, Wanderlust y BBC Wildlife Magazine. Ahora es freelance, escribo repor   Read more