Clarín, actualizado

el relato de la transformación digital del diario Clarín

Nafría, Ismael

In April 2017, following in the footsteps of prominent international media such as The New York Times, the Argentine newspaper Clarín launched its digital subscription. In less than six years, it had managed to exceed half a million subscribers, which placed it as the Spanish-language media with the most subscribers in the world. Digital subscription is perhaps the phenomenon that best reflects the transformation process that Clarín has undergone during the last decades, to which this book is dedicated. In Clarín, updated, the main differential elements of the model of this newspaper, a benchmark in Latin America, are analyzed in depth, in the form of a journalistic story, and what are the keys to its digitalization process. The objective of this work is to offer valid clues and practical experiences to all the media and professionals in the journalistic world interested in finding formulas that allow them to successfully overcome the profound transformation that the sector is experiencing since the emergence of the internet. Clarín, updated, pays attention to both the newspaper's business model and its work journalistic. Thus, in some chapters we talk about how Clarín works its strategy, the launch of user registration and digital subscription, the creation of Club 365 or the Big Data team. Other chapters delve into the journalism he practices: how he organizes his teams or plans and carries out his journalistic production, and with what criteria. In addition, it talks about the history of the newspaper, which turned 75 years old in August 2020, and the construction and evolution of Grupo Clarín. To write this work, the journalist and consultant Ismael Nafría has interviewed dozens of Clarín managers and professionals for more than three and a half years and has had access to a multitude of documents and internal data that have been added to the in-depth external analysis of the work that carried out by the Argentine newspaper.

Nafría, Ismael
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Nafría, Ismael (aut.)

  • Nafría, Ismael
    Ismael Nafría (Barcelona, 1968) es periodista, autor, consultor, profesor y conferenciante especializado en medios digitales   Read more