El Club Psicodélico de Harvard

la historia de cuatro hombres que cambiaron para siempre la manera en la que entendemos el mundo y la mente

Lattin, Don

This book tells the story of four brilliant men, radically free and perfectly oblivious to any intellectual dogmatism who, in the early sixties, decided to collaborate on a research project on psychedelic substances at Harvard University. And that after many experiments with psychoactive mushrooms and LSD (some more sensible than others) not only changed their lives, but also, in many ways, yours: without them, and without the psychedelic inspiration they received and championed, contemporary culture would have The social, sexual, psychological and spiritual revolution that in the 1960s and 1970s laid the foundations of the world in which you live today would hardly have taken place. Of course it was not easy nor was it without risk (one of them was declared by Richard Nixon "the most dangerous man in the United States" and sentenced to more than thirty years in prison after being persecuted all over the world), because the bet was high: it was about inspiring an entire generation to redefine what we understand by reality, and that implied, of course, collapsing the materialist and capitalist mentality that gives coherence to the system until proposing a new vision of existence. It didn't go that far, of course: the CIA and the FBI, who were investigating LSD as a chemical weapon in parallel and with the same interest, used all the means at their disposal (yes, all) to prevent it. Despite this, the way in which we eat, love, heal, seek answers and relate to the mysteries of existence today depends directly on the expansion of the model of consciousness that these four visionaries provoked, and that throughout the decades filtered and settled in contemporary global society. An exciting story of friendship, jealousy, betrayal, revenge, academic intrigues, spiritual teachers, infiltrated agents and a lot of LSD, told with an extraordinary narrative pulse, which makes this book a true journey.

Lattin, Don
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Lattin, Don (aut.)

  • Lattin, Don
    Don Lattin (Nueva York, 1953) se licenció en Sociología en la Universidad de Berkeley, California, en cuya prestigiosa Escuela de Periodismo también ha trabajado como profesor dur   Read more