El libro del pan

El libro del pan

reflexiones e innovaciones sobre el futuro de los cereales, la harina y la fermentación

Robertson, Chad
Latham, Jennifer

When Tartine Bakery opened in the corner of an old pastry shop in a historic San Francisco neighborhood in 2002, nothing presaged the immeasurable success of Chad Robertson and his way of understanding and revolutionizing artisan bread today. After Pan Tartine, the American baker signs his second book translated into Spanish, The Book of Bread, where he goes one step further to guide the loverbakery through the preparation of a multitude of varieties of bread, from the most traditional to vegan breads or gluten-free, adding recipes and tips. Along with an extensive glossary of basic terms about bread and its process -the first thing is to know key concepts such as the difference between sourdough and dough pie- Robertson explains in detail how to make sourdough, the care it requires and the options that exist to use the leftover foot of dough after cooling it. The bread book also includes recommendations on utensils, how to choose the best flour or which cereals are most used to make bread, delving into their flavor and texture qualities. The reader will be able to prepare a bread for the whole week with an author's stamp at home, from rustic bread such as baguette or Mediterranean bread to brioche, sweet potato muffins or vegan bread making. The fourteen chapters that round out this spectacular ode to Chad Robertson's bread culminate with instructions on how to prepare tortillas, pizza dough or fermented pasta. A selection of recipes is added to each detailed preparation, among which the caramelized shallot soup with black garlic aioli and toasted nettle pesto, the green shakshuka or the gluten-free multigrain toast with seeds stand out.

Robertson, Chad
Latham, Jennifer
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Robertson, Chad (aut.)

  • Robertson, Chad
    Chad Robertson es panadero y cofundador junto a su mujer, Liz Prueitt, de la mítica Tartine Bakery de San Francisco. Cuenta que decidió dedicarse a la panadería de manera irracion   Read more

Latham, Jennifer (aut.)

  • Latham, Jennifer
    Jennifer Latham es panadera y escritora.   Read more