El sueño del perro salvaje

amor y extinción ante la crisis ecológica global

Rose, Deborah Bird

We are currently experiencing the sixth great extinction of species that has taken place on Earth. But this time we, the humans, are responsible. How to confront the fear and impotence that this inconceivable loss can generate in the great "family of the living"? Deborah Bird Rose invites us to think, feel and imagine based on a specific case: the wild dogs of Australia, the dingoes, the target of a ferocious eradication attempt by farmers and local authorities. For this, the author spent long years living with the Australian aborigines, whose worldview makes them direct descendants of the dingoes. In other words: when these men and women find a dingo hanged in a tree by a rancher, they see a murdered family member. After investigating and internalizing the vision of the existence and nature of these peoples, the author of this exceptional book -halfway between wild memories and intercultural essay- realizes the urgent need to redo our old anthropocentric ethics: science has already shown that life is a single fabric of connections between different species, that is to say that in the beginning we were a single living being and over millions of years that single life has been transmitted from body to body and from species to species , which gives reason, from science itself, to the aboriginal worldview (animals are, literally and not metaphorically, our relatives and ancestors). The time has come to establish new dialogues and new synergies with other cosmologies alien to the West and with other species other than humans. The gaze of the other is also the gaze of a dog. You just have to really pay attention to what those eyes tell us and peek into the mystery they project. There the salvation of all of us who inhabit this planet can flash.

Rose, Deborah Bird
Human sciences > Anthropology
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Rose, Deborah Bird (aut.)

  • Rose, Deborah Bird
    Deborah Bird Rose (Estados Unidos, 1946-Sydney, 2018) fue una antropóloga de renombre mundial y figura destacada en el surgimiento y la configuración de los estudios sobre ecologí   Read more