Eso no estaba en mi libro de la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Eso no estaba en mi libro de la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Hernández, Jesús

Did you know that there was a battle in Europe just after the war, that Churchill allowed a terrible famine in India or that there were Jews in the Gestapo? Or that many of the things he has in his kitchen originated in that feud? Learn these and other surprising stories, in an entertaining and rigorous vision of the 1939-1945 conflict. When it seems that everything has already been written about the 1939-1945 conflict, the historian and journalist Jesús Hernández shows us that this is not the case with That was not in my book about the Second World War. In this enjoyable work, the author accepts the challenge of surprising the reader with episodes that he, for sure, will not find in his history books. Whoever approaches these pages will be able to discover the sophisticated tricks that the Soviets devised to deceive the Germans or the epic American efforts to achieve something as prosaic as supplying books to their soldiers. He will also meet the most prolific executioner in History, and some Spaniards who had an unexpected role, such as the engineer who could have saved thousands of lives in London, or the republicans to whom Stalin would entrust an important secret mission. Here he will read, for the first time, that India also had its own Nuremberg trials, or that the Japanese turned to local mafias to take over the British colony of Hong Kong. This work contains topics that, due to the discomfort they cause, are avoided in books about the war, such as the thousands of Allied soldiers who died victims of friendly fire, the discrimination of black soldiers in the North American army or the Jews. who actively collaborated with the Nazis in the extermination of their own people.

Hernández, Jesús
History > Contemporary history 20th-21st centuries
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Hernández, Jesús (aut.)

  • Hernández, Jesús
    Jesús Hernández (Barcelona, 1966) es Licenciado en Historia y en Ciencias de la Información. Es asesor editorial y colaborador habitual en publicaciones especializadas de historia   Read more