Eso no estaba en mi libro del Barça

Eso no estaba en mi libro del Barça

Puig, Gerai

Why do we wear azulgrana? or why is FCB more than a club? How did the nickname Barça come about? Who were the soccer idols of our grandparents? What is the curious origin of the Dream Team? Was Gamper the first president?. What actually happened around the signing of Di Stéfano? What have been the most tremendous plays of the culé epic? How did we go from playing matches on makeshift soccer fields to having the biggest stadium in Europe? Behind the shield hides the legend of a club. From the mythical note in a newspaper with which Gamper announced the founding of the team to Luis Enrique's treble, more than 100 years have elapsed full of colossal myths, epic feats, pyrrhic victories, hilarious anecdotes and incomprehensible defeats that have hidden in the mist of memory, but which have marked the identity of the biggest club in the world of football. An exciting reading that will take you to the old stands of Les Corts, will make you enjoy the mythical Barça of the Five Cups, Iniesta's goal, Koeman's free kick at Wembley or Guardiola's sextet, which will make you suffer with defeat of the final of the square posts and vibrate with the memory of the Bernabéu standing up applauding Ronaldinho. You will discover why Barça is not just the name of a team or an inimitable style of play, but rather its own and genuine way of feeling the colours. The culés of today are heirs to a prodigious football legacy that has managed to establish itself as the banner of a unique and recognizable football philosophy throughout the world, whose maxim is that the how is more important than the what. Well, to win there are many paths, but only one leads to eternity.

Puig, Gerai
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Puig, Gerai (aut.)

  • Puig, Gerai
    Gerai Puig (Sant Celoni, 1989) es licenciado en Historia por la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, empresario y culé de nacimiento.   Read more