los felinos que dominan el mundo

Pedraza, Esther
Díaz-Miguel, Almudena

Why do more people have a cat at home every day? What does this animal have to seduce us? Pam Brown said that "a cat transforms the return to an empty house into the return home" and, today, we can already assure that it will be the pet of the future. The cat is the absolute protagonist on social networks with millions of videos and views annually throughout the planet. In fact, Google's brain is constantly working to find them on the web. But not even the cattiest of cats know the interesting stories these animals have. Did you know that Egyptian women shaved their heads and dressed in mourning when their cat died? Or that if you adopt one of the feline guardians who have guarded the Hermitage for 200 years, you have free entry to the museum forever? And that at the beginning of the 20th century all New York newspapers published news about cats alongside other news as important as Hitler's atrocities? On this feline journey around the world you will dream of legends of Siamese cats in temples in Thailand, political kittens who work in Downing Street, six-toed mustaches that inspired Hemingway, Roman citizen cats (the only beings allowed to climb monuments) with brave "micifuz" who have participated in naval battles. You will discover that Icelandic television broadcasts a cat Big Brother, that in Japan there are hotels with rooms with cats to cure loneliness and that a Russian bank gave you a kitten when taking out the mortgage so that happiness would reign in that home. This book collects a thousand and one adventures of this magical creature that has been fascinating humanity for ten thousand years. The Egyptians considered it a sacred animal and Muhammad, they say, cut off his tunic so as not to wake his cat when she fell asleep in her lap. There are many cat stories and not all of them are here, but those that are will delight any feline heart. Come in... and purr.

Pedraza, Esther
Díaz-Miguel, Almudena
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Pedraza, Esther (aut.)

  • Pedraza, Esther
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Díaz-Miguel, Almudena (aut.)

  • Díaz-Miguel, Almudena
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