Joaquín Caparrós

Joaquín Caparrós

pasión en Rojo y Blanco : de Sevilla a Bilbao

Ávila Tirado, Sergio Antonio

Joaquín Caparrós's passion for the bench is timeless. At the age of 40, he covered the 700 kilometers (round trip) that separate Cuenca de Navalmoral from la Mata daily by car. And at 64, he accepted the position as coach of Armenia, 5500 kilometers from Seville. The coaches' suitcase is always ready, like that of this Utrera who, in Seville and Bilbao, Bilbao and Seville, had two of his most enriching professional experiences. Sevillista at heart, due to the inheritance passed down from his parents, he fulfilled a dream in 2000 when the Nervión club chose him to coach the team in the Second Division, at the most critical moment in his history. He promoted him, took him to Europe, twice, another two in his second stage, and he left being the coach who directed Sevilla Fútbol Club on the most occasions from the bench. In 2007 he began a fantastic adventure in Bilbao that lasted four years, including the Copa del Rey final, and it marked him forever. He will never forget how he was welcomed at Athletic Club and in the city. Him and all of his family. He even became a partner of the rojiblanca entity. "My greatest title is that I have trained seven world champions or have worked with me. Because titles give prestige and money, yes, but seeing those guys grow, some from when they were dwarfs, until they reached their peak, which is being world champions being, also, figures in other countries... that is priceless. For me, it is above any title", says Caparrós, who feels authentic devotion to both teams", I have always enjoyed Sevilla, even in the most difficult situations. I have enjoyed Sevilla as well as Athletic. If there is one thing I can boast of, it is having been the coach of these two clubs", this myth of the benches tells us, a self-made man who represents, as few, the caste and the courage of the sevillista anthem. In these pages, in addition to the protagonist, managers, coaches, players and journalists, they help us remember those stages in Seville and Bilbao in which Joaquín Caparrós Camino was happy.

Ávila Tirado, Sergio Antonio
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