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Jones, Lesley-Ann

The great (definitive?) biography of the Rolling Stones by one of the best internationally recognized rock biographers.On July 12, 1962, the Rollin' Stones gave their first concert at the Club Marquee in London. Soon after, a "g" was added, a spark was ignited, and his fate was sealed. There was no reverse. These five white British kids set out to play African-American music. They perfected a style brimming with bluesy undertones mixed with dark innuendoes to women, sex and drugs. Denounced as "corrupters of youth" and "messengers of the devil", they created some of the most electrifying songs ever recorded. His sound and attitude now seem stronger and more influential than ever. Elvis is dead and the Beatles are gone, but Jagger and Richards rule the world. Contrary to the English proverb, they may collect moss, but they're soggy asses and they can't stop rolling.Yet how did these ultimate anti-establishment misfits become the global brand we know today? Who were their victims? What is the forgotten legacy? Can the artist ever really separate himself from art?The new account of Lesley-Ann Jones follows the path of this contradictory, disturbing, granite and unstoppable band through illusions, glory and exile, during their years of overwhelming force and in their subsequent reckoning with rock, where the Stones seem more at odds than ever with the values and heritage they have always rebelled against.Good, bad and often ugly: ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones as you've never seen them before.

Jones, Lesley-Ann
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