La rebelión de las hienas

La rebelión de las hienas

relatos corporales de personas intersex

Gómez, Mer

An autobiographical journey towards the meeting of intersex referents to start a revolution. The stories of its protagonists show us the construction of a collective identity in search of a present/future of freedom and with rights. Castellón, 2016. Lola is born. The leading actress. She goes on stage. And she is breaking, little by little, her silence. She travels, in search of references. The first hermaphrodite on horseback is there, waiting in Barcelona. On the shores of the Mediterranean another appears: the Melero. A sudden call from her takes her to Galicia, together with the IOC hurdler. Anxious, she emigrates. Installed in Valencia, she unexpectedly meets a girl from Cabanyal. She lives her catharsis. In Logroño, she dances with another of the machorras. She loses her way. She discovers an intersex compass located at a point in Mexico. Next destination: Basque Country. At the next desk sits the Kollontai of the 21st century. From Madrid, the voice of a good and fetén lady breaks in forcefully. Meanwhile, an extra-binary phoenix crosses the gray sky of Bizkaia. And, then, he puts a face to the hologram of the documentary No box for me. Missing? Discover a notes of the southern district of Seville. Back home. Talk to the two that were missing. Stall. In Salamanca, she writes and performs. Lola empowers herself and Mer disarms herself. At last, she has found an intersex family. She has to defend herself, crow loudly. Will you join the rebellion of the hyenas?

Gómez, Mer
Human sciences > Feminism and LGTBI+
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Gómez, Mer (aut.)

  • Gómez, Mer
    Mer Gómez es Graduada en Periodismo. Especializada en Estudios Internacionales de Paz, Conflictos y Desarrollo y en Estudios Feministas y de Género y activista intersex.   Read more