La sangre que mueve el mundo

geopolítica del petróleo y del gas

Golmayo, Miguel

Since the end of the 19th century, when life began to become industrialized, oil has been the vector of international politics. Hydrocarbons have moved, and move, the tectonic plates of geopolitics, geostrategy and geoeconomics, and any decision of the global political and economic establishment, including wars, involves the control of this desired resource. Miguel Golmayo has addressed this issue with rigor, and has captured it in this fascinating story that begins in Antiquity, when crude oil was used to embalm and illuminate us and that continues with the emergence, already in the 19th century, of the great sagas of businessmen like Rockefeller, Nobel or Rothschild. Then it will give way to the eventful 20th century, the gold rush, the popularization of automobiles, the world wars, the Cold War, and countless conflicts caused in pursuit of the dominance of oil and the routes for its supply (the War of the Yom Kippur, the Iranian revolution of '79, the fall of the wall, the Balkan war, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, until the current war in Ukraine). The blood that moves the world shows the importance that oil has in the politics of all nations, not only in energy matters, but also in economic, security and diplomatic matters. Here the weight of the large companies in the sector on the international board is revealed. Energy is, in all countries, a matter of national security, and intelligence services, private and not, play a central role, always acting in the shadows. A revealing, brave and revolutionary work that sheds a new and, at times, atrocious, vision of the world, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Golmayo, Miguel
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Golmayo, Miguel (aut.)

  • Golmayo, Miguel
    Miguel Golmayo (Ferrol, 1961) es miembro de la Armada Española, capitán de navíos y submarinos, experto en energía e inteligencia militar. En la actualidad, es el Consejero   Read more