La soledad de Perico

Delgado, Perico
Hernando Nieva, Ainara

No matter how much they cheer an athlete, the athlete is always alone. No matter how much he is surrounded by people while climbing a mountain pass, with passion unleashed in his wake, the cyclist is alone in the face of effort, pain and glory, and also alone in the face of defeat. In this emotional book, Pedro Delgado opens up and recounts all that loneliness he experienced during some of the key moments of his sports career: from his thoughts rolling through the streets of Luxembourg, in a monumental oversight that would mark his life forever, to his intimacy of his deepest emotions while standing on the top of the podium in Paris in the 1988 Tour de France, or everything he experienced while giving a historic turn to the 1985 Vuelta a España, which he conquered after an epic stage that defied all boundaries. Perico's loneliness is a trip to another era, to another cycling and to Pedro's childhood, to the memories of his first victory and his first pedaling on a bike when he was just a child who was spinning in the courtyard of the Segovian neighborhood of Pius XII, where the legend and his love for cycling were born and developed. Pedro Delgado and Ainara Hernando reveal in these pages emotions, stories and anecdotes of the myth never told until now. From Pedrito to Perico, the first sports idol of Spain in color. An extraordinary testimony that recounts the most intimate and unknown moments of one of the most important Spanish athletes in our history.

Delgado, Perico
Hernando Nieva, Ainara
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Delgado, Perico (aut.)

  • Delgado, Perico
    Perico Delgado (Segovia, 1960) es un ciclista español profesional retirado que ejerció como tal entre los años 1982 y 1994, durante los cuales logró un total de 49 victoria   Read more

Hernando Nieva, Ainara (aut.)

  • Hernando Nieva, Ainara
    Ainara Hernando Nieva (Vitoria, 1987) es periodista de la revista Ciclismo a fondo.   Read more