Liderazgo enfermero

Liderazgo enfermero

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Ferrer Arnedo, Carmen (dir.)
González Navarro, Myriam Isabel (dir.)

2020 was declared the year of nurses by the WHO and as of this year, the mandate to work for their visibility, their leadership and the recognition of these health professionals as an element of strength for the well-being of society is assumed. through his leadership in the self-care of the population, the promotion of co-responsibility and his contribution as an opportunity for the sustainability of health and social health systems. There is talk of Nursing Now, which is a worldwide campaign carried out to promote, strengthen and develop Nursing at a global level. Different professionals have joined in the construction of this manual, mostly nurses, coming from different experiential fields and it is, from their experience, where areas of interest are raised, ranging from the review of a reflective framework for learning in exercise from leadership to the story that shares what has been experienced as a sign of knowledge. The elements that will mark the future of the practice and exercise of nursing leadership in the 21st century are collected and that go from framing where we are, knowing where we come from with a reflection on the current context, the role of nurses and nurses and their potential for the future, continuing, on the one hand, the values ??in force in practice in the 21st century that are in our reason for being and the need to focus care in humanized organizations, where leaders are able to respond to what people need, going through the scope of competencies to provide quality care, lines that have to be marked by leaders. This book aims to fill a gap in the practice of nursing leadership that makes leaders reflect on their new path looking to the future. We hope that this text will serve the nursing leaders of the 21st century and fulfill the mandate of supporting the nursing leadership of NURSING NOW.

Ferrer Arnedo, Carmen (dir.)
González Navarro, Myriam Isabel (dir.)
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Ferrer Arnedo, Carmen (dir.)

  • Ferrer Arnedo, Carmen
    Carmen Ferrer Arnedo es Directora del Máster de Humanización UEM y Jefe de Servicio de Atención al Paciente. Hospital Central Cruz Roja. Madrid. Enfermera Gestora.   Read more

González Navarro, Myriam Isabel (dir.)

  • González Navarro, Myriam Isabel
    Myriam Isabel González Navarro es socia fundadora en Barberán & González Abogados;Coach/Mentora acreditada EMCC; Secretaria General en IBWomen. Experta en Networking. Mentora    Read more