Monchi, más que un director deportivo

Monchi, más que un director deportivo

Galván, Álvaro

The successes achieved by Sevilla Fútbol Club in this 21st century are not the result of chance. Work, ambition, demand and, of course, the ability to get up after each fall have been the keys to a team that managed to ascend to the First Division in 2001 and that, from there, has grown exponentially to become in one of the greats of Europe. Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo "Monchi" has been the great architect of these events, ever since he arrived at the club's technical secretariat in 2000 -a position offered by Roberto Alés- when the entity was then plunged into a deep economic crisis. The work and talent of the former Sevilla goalkeeper did not take long to bear fruit and, more than twenty years later, he is considered one of the best sports directors on the football scene. Having developed the entirety of his career in Nervión, with the exception of the almost two years he was in Rome, Monchi has spent moments of all kinds in which it is the club of his heart. Tears of joy and sadness. Moments of anxiety. Doubts. But, above all, triumphs, successes, historical records and the unconditional affection of a hobby that takes him on the fly, as well as his team. In addition, with ten titles behind him, not much remains to be said about Monchi's positive influence in Sevilla's golden age. Few sports directors have a meaning as powerful as that of the islander in Nervión. And to know and recall its entire trajectory and the history of overcoming and growth experienced by the club, it is worth reading this work that narrates first-hand the best time in history in a sevillista key -supported with statements from several relevant figures- in the one that club and sports director have always gone hand in hand.

Galván, Álvaro
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Galván, Álvaro (aut.)

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    Álvaro Galván (Sevilla, 1996) está graduado en periodismo por la Universidad de Sevilla, donde se encuentra realizando un Doctorado en Comunicación.   Read more


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