Pandemias, sin miedo a vivir

Pandemias, sin miedo a vivir

Font, Pere (1972- )

With the pandemic, common sense seems to have ceased to exist. It is legitimate to doubt, and we live in a moment where versions that deviate from the official one are not accepted. This book invites you on a journey through publications on official websites and scientific journals, which allows the reader to compare what has been said in the media and find answers to the doubts generated by the published contradictions. Masks only for health personnel. No, everyone should put on the mask, but putting on the FFP2 is selfish. No, it is better that everyone wears FFP2. If you test positive you will have to quarantine, but not for forty days but fourteen. Or well, a little less. The vaccine prevents you from contracting Covid-19 in 95% of those vaccinated. No, in 95% no, in something less. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting the disease, but it does prevent you from getting it seriously. The vaccine for adults. Well, better after five years. Children under 12 if they want not to wear it. If the vaccine reacts a lot, if you contract Covid-19 you will suffer from it mildly... or not. PCR results are more accurate than antigen tests. But there are some antigen tests that are also good, although they can give false positives, but never false negatives... or yes. Asymptomatic people can infect. No, asymptomatic people are not contagious... Pere Font does not intend to convince anyone of anything, his only objective is to try to shed light among so much darkness, to do so in a clear, transparent and proven way, and to provide tools for those who want to go deeper, accessing information truthful and reliable, better understand what has been happening to us since the spread of the Covid-19 to the whole world became known. A pandemic that has led to an extraordinary situation, worldwide, and that has broken with all the schemes of life and society that humanity had known.

Font, Pere (1972- )
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Font, Pere (1972- ) (aut.)

  • Font, Pere (1972- )
    Pere Font (Bellcaire d'Empordà, 1972) desarrolla su carrera profesional en el ámbito de la Química en una empresa de curtidos, como técnico de curtición, desde hace    Read more

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