Tokio, Kioto

Tokio, Kioto

Osaka e Hisoshima

Gloaguen, Philippe

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima Globetrotters As much as you search, in Europe you will not find anything that comes close to the experience of traveling to Japan. Fortunately, what was once a dream can now come true, as this fascinating archipelago is neither as inaccessible nor as expensive as it was a decade ago. Before leaving, take a look at our guide and you will see that there is no single Japan and that you will find many different realities that you will need to understand in order to appreciate. On the one hand, Japan is the kingdom of robotics, and Tokyo, the largest city in the world, the mecca of technology. In Kyoto, the former imperial capital, you will find art, geishas, spirituality... Nature lovers will not be disappointed either: don't miss Nikko, high in the mountains; Kamakura, on the seashore, or Hakone, the gate to Mount Fuji, a majestic and inescapable symbol of Japan. You will also visit Osaka, the city of 800 bridges, and Hiroshima and the Seto Inland Sea. In the General chapter of our guide we have tried to answer all the questions that arise before traveling to the country: What is the best season to visit it? Is it possible to travel to Japan on a low-medium budget? How will we communicate if we don't speak Japanese? Is it difficult to find your way around the cities?... You will see that getting to know Japan and the Japanese is not that difficult, since the helpful nature of its people and their deep sense of hospitality make it much easier. And it is that the team of editors of our guide have verified it in situ during the development of the route that we propose, visiting accommodation, restaurants, shops, tea rooms..., in addition to the unavoidable visits. In each case, together with the practical information, carefully updated -schedules, prices, etc.-, reviews with independent opinions and recommendations are included, which are the true value of our guides.

Gloaguen, Philippe
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  • Gloaguen, Philippe
    Philippe Gloaguen (Suresnes en Hauts-de-Seine, 1951) es un escritor y empresario francés, cofundador de la Guide du routard desde 1973. Ahora es el único propietario de la marca " R   Read more