Toros para todos

Toros para todos

el fórmula 1 de la tauromaquia

Romero, Enrique

The bull is the most powerful animal on the planet, no other animal can defeat him in a confrontation, only man, with his intelligence and mental control, is capable of dominating it and creating beauty with his attacks. You are going to solve many unknowns that sometimes have no explanation & # x02026; Why does the bull charge? And why is he going after a red or pink rag? Why attack until the last moment? How has it reached our days? We reveal the secrets of the bullfighters to be able to face the bull and we speak with some of the greatest in history. In this book we get closer to the bull to discover what the most powerful and enigmatic animal on earth is like and how it lives, just as we do every Sunday in Toros para Todos, the most watched bullfighting program in television history. Here you will find the reports about the bull that millions of people follow on social networks. The Toros para Todos channel on YouTube has more than 100 billion views. Here you have our adventures with the bull in its habitat, in the meadows, mountains or marshes. The best photos and the most beautiful moments. Here you can approach the bull without fear. And the little calf Almansito, in his fable, tells us what life is like in the pasture and what are the norms of nature that human beings should not forget. You have the Toros para Todos program in your hands. Welcome to the Toros para Todos book!

Romero, Enrique
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Romero, Enrique (aut.)

  • Romero, Enrique
    Enrique Romero (Málaga, 1963) cursó estudios de Derecho en la Universidad de Málaga. Con serias tentativas en el mundo del toreo y del deporte (motocross), se hizo periodista, mas   Read more