Un virus en apuros

Un virus en apuros

conoce tu sistema inmunitario de la mano de un virus

Almagro Ruz, Lucía

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a virus? In this book you have the opportunity to experience it in first person, since it is a virus itself that tells you its story and how it faces the immune battles of our body on a daily basis. With hardly any scientific vocabulary and with a language available to everyone, you will finally be able to better understand what your immune system is capable of and how much it sacrifices for you. Every day there are millions of infections, from dozens of different viruses, that change the lives of many people. Most people know their effects, but little about what they do in our body to cause them, and understanding it can give special power in our day to day. This book is not a typical guide to the immune system, nor will you find a classic index to a science book. Here it is the virus that tells its story, since we humans know about them, going through how it does its day-to-day job infecting cells, and detailing, from the battlefield, what it is like to fight with crazy and bloody cells of the system. immune. He tells us step by step what is found in battle, like a soldier who decides to write a diary in his days of war so that the world knows what it is like to be there. The virus that writes this book does not reveal its identity until the end, although it leaves clues for the most curious who may be able to guess what virus it is. In this ending, he describes his closest friends, other famous viruses in the world that he considers to be the most relevant to the human who is reading this book, such as HPV, Herpes, COVID, Influenza or HIV (he is HIV) and his 'special' battle with the immune system.

Almagro Ruz, Lucía
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Almagro Ruz, Lucía (aut.)

  • Almagro Ruz, Lucía
    Lucía Almagro Ruz es biotecnóloga y máster en Bioingeniería en la UMH. Durante sus años de formación académica estuvo trabajando como investigadora dur   Read more