Viaje a la Palestina ocupada

Hazan, Éric

After decades of armed conflict, the information that reaches the West about the true daily and political life of the Palestinian people remains scarce, almost always commanded by major media "events." There are few who have told us about Palestine from the inside, and even fewer who could do so with Eric Hazan's perspective. Well, Hazan is not only an exceptional essayist, not only does he run one of the most important critical thinking publishers in the world, but he is a living embodiment of that conflict: his mother was a stateless Palestinian woman and his father was a French Jew persecuted for years. the Second World War. In the past, Hazan had already been committed to various decolonization movements in the Middle East: he was in Algeria during the war supporting the FLN, later in Lebanon collaborating with various liberation struggles and, for the writing of this book, he took the risk to travel to the West Bank. I wanted to understand the daily functioning of that great bureaucratic-military machinery that we abstractly call "occupation" and tell what the general media never tells us. Thus, throughout his journey, the author weaves descriptions of everyday scenes with lucid reflections on what he sees and interviews with farmers, militants, volunteers, doctors, politicians... His writing aims to truthfully restore the reality of everyday life that It is lived in the Palestinian villages: in Nablus, subjected to the daily siege of jeeps and tanks; in Qalqyrya, literally isolated by the wall, like all its inhabitants; or in Hebron, a Palestinian city dominated by four hundred Israeli settlers installed in its geographical center. A revealing journey, for Hazan and for his readers, that accounts for everything that the brightness and dizziness of our screens cannot make present.

Hazan, Éric
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Hazan, Éric (aut.)

  • Hazan, Éric
    Éric Hazan (París, 1936-Neuilly-sur-Seine, 2024) fue un escritor y editor francés. Es el fundador de la editorial La Fabrique.   Read more