La revolución de la glucosa: el Método

cuatro semanas y 100 recetas para deshacerte de los antojos, recuperar tu energía y sentirte increíble

Inchauspé, Jessie

"Would you move into my house?" The first time Jessie Inchauspé received this request from one of her readers was a few days after the publication of the book that was to completely change the conversation about nutrition and diets: The Glucose Revolution. In her book, Jessie had shared many hard-hitting scientific arguments about how glucose affects all aspects of our lives and health, as well as simple tricks for learning how to deal with its effects. After that request and the great international success of her work, many more arrived... But why so many offers to move into strangers' homes? Because her supporters wanted me to be by her side to help them put the science of The Glucose Revolution into practice, day by day, meal by meal. They wanted a plan. A practical book, recipes, encouragement and inspiration. This book is the result of so many of these requests. In it, she Jessie shares her lifehacks, recipes, shopping lists and plans, just as she would with a good friend or family member. This is a 4-week guide to her 100 favorite recipes that will help readers stick with the practice, balance their glucose levels, and start feeling better than ever. 90% of the population lives with unstable glucose levels, and most don't even know it, although the symptoms are familiar to all of us: cravings, chronic fatigue, constant hunger, inflammation, sleep problems, hormonal problems... We know since we will begin to feel better and recover our normal energy levels when we flatten the glucose curve. But how is that done? Certainly not based on counting calories or eliminating certain food groups from the diet. No, what we are going to do is use a series of principles based on the latest scientific discoveries: eat a tasty salty breakfast, always start meals with a good plate of vegetables, incorporate vinegar into our diet, move a little after eating... Once these principles become habits, we recover our health and feel much better.

Inchauspé, Jessie
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Inchauspé, Jessie (aut.)

  • Inchauspé, Jessie
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